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Hey! So you’re interested in some of my merch? That’s awesome! I’m so psyched to start making my own designs for clothing! Graphic design has been both a job and a hobby of mine for a long time. For about 2 years my entire business was designing and selling t-shirts and I loved it. I’ve sold over 8,000 t-shirts in total to absolute strangers but I still remember the feeling I had when I got that first ever sale. It wasn’t even about the money, it was knowing that someone out there was wearing something I created. That someone liked something of mine so much that they wanted to part with their hard earned money to own.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make some designs that I thought my YouTube audience might enjoy, but I had neither the time or inspiration to do it. Of course I could have slapped my name on something and called it a design, but I think a design without some kind of meaning is just a picture or a word, so I didn’t bother. Now, however, I still don’t really have the time, but I’ve MADE time to just sit down and muse. Not even with the goal of creating designs but just to spend time allowing inspiration to flow. Jotting down ideas and eventually three designs emerged from it, which are now available in my shop.

Below are explanations behind the thought process that went into each design and why it turned out the way it did.

‘The Bear’

‘The Bear’ Logo

This is essentially MY logo. Now, don’t misunderstand this, I don’t mean my YouTube channel logo. If my life was to have an emblem or coat of arms, this is what it would be. Let me break it down:

The Triangle:

This represents life. I remember when Cat and I were on our first date and I was trying to explain to her my goals and ambitions (maybe a little deep for a first day but hay, it worked!) and with my fingers I kept drawing a triangle completely without knowing it but together that night we symbolised the triangle to mean life. We all start at the bottom where it’s wide open and unknown but as we go through life things become clearer and more focused until you reach the tip where everything comes together.

Mr Bear

The bear pictured is actually a polar bear. I remember watching an episode of ‘Planet Earth’ and David Attenborough explained that polar bears basically do whatever it takes to survive. They travel through the Arctic like nomads looking for food and safety for their cubs. I felt like the polar bear would be a great symbol for my love of travel and adventure, but also he’s walking across the bottom of the triangle just trying to figure life out and reach the tip.


Paper Plane

Paper Plane

This is a bit of a hybrid between my ‘Positive+’ travel series branding and my bear logo. Again, I didn’t want something that didn’t mean anything. I wanted this to be a little bit more open to interpretation, but I definitely wanted to portray some kind of journey and that this could mean different things to whoever looked at it.

Maybe that journey would be world travel to one person and a journey through life for another. Whatever you see when you look at this is exactly what it means but whatever happens (and this is non-negotiable) the end result is positive.





Positive+ Logo

Essentially, this is just the logo for my travel series on YouTube but I went through a lot of different names before I settled on Positive. One thing I knew I wanted was good vibes and to have a symbol that would be universally recognised as such.

Since starting my YouTube channel, I’ve never wanted anyone to come away with a bad taste in their mouth or to feel bad about themselves. I feel like I’ve always been pretty positive and happy, even if I’m talking about something I don’t like I try to spin it in a positive light. With that in mind, I came up with this name with the ‘+’ symbol on the end so that everyone knows that this is something to feel good about.
Since opening the doors to creativity I’ve been overflowing with designs. I’m thinking about introducing a new design series every 3 months to replace the current set so essentially, these designs are limited edition. Once they’re gone – they’re gone!


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